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Administrative Evaluation

This process is utilized to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.  Through direct communication and utilizing a proprietary metric, Celestial Solutions evaluates all administrative functions including:

Filing Systems

Electronic and Paper

Equipment and Supplies
Current Personnel Needs

Operations Evaluation

This process is utilized to assess the efficiency and ethics of the organization.  Through a group-think session and utilizing a proprietary metric, Celestial Solutions evaluates all operations functions including:

Internal and External Reporting
Internal and External Communication
Interpersonal Dynamics
Corporate Culture
Organizational Alignment
Human Resource Needs

Accounting Evaluation

The final component of our DETECT+ Services is Accounting. Click below to learn more about our Accounting Services.


"We deal in international business, and Celestial Solutions is fully capable of handling all the complications and intricacies in a precise, accurate and timely manner.

Our relationship with Celeste began when we hired her to be the controller of our company. She worked with us for 6 years before starting Celestial Solutions. During that time, she did an out standing job of handling our cash flow and maintaining all our financial records including the generation of our financial statements. She’s been instrumental in our tax planning and coordinated everything with our tax professionals. She’s worked very closely with me on projecting overhead, income, and strategic planning including our latest product development project. When we decided to relocate our business to Florida, she was instrumental in helping the company make the transition. And, since Celeste was such an invaluable and indispensable member of our team, we decided not to hire anyone in Florida. As expected, services have continued to be performed without a hitch by Celestial Solutions, and we can highly recommend their services."
Steven Lewis
Owner & President,
Lewis Trading Corp.

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