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Celestial Solutions has two main functions designed for the purposes of sustainability and growth.  One is as a full-service provider for all an organization’s accounting needs.  We take away the pressure of day-to-day finances by providing services as simple as basic bookkeeping to as complex as audit assistance; and are happy to design a program that fits your needs.  Our other function is as a business development liaison by means of assessing administrative, operations, and accounting structures.  It’s our job to support areas where an organization is struggling, so you can continue to do what you do best without being restricted by inefficiency or the need to micromanage.  Let us show you how our Business Development Diagnostic allows us to create an efficiency program that is custom fit to your organization.

Our expertise in administration, operations, and accounting, makes us uniquely qualified to assist with any challenge.  Overall, our goal is to help your firm reach for the sky!  When in doubt, “The launch to success, starts with the right solution!”

Reclaiming Control


How many hours a day do you or someone in your organization spend on items that are not pertinent to the job at hand?  Where is that time lost?  Is it:  Searching for files?  Customer service issues?  Needing additional personnel?  Underutilizing technology?  Or can your firm potentially be generating more revenue but there’s no time to assess the disconnects?  All of these are part of the day-to-day concerns of most businesses no matter the size.  Whether you’re a start-up looking for direction to help get off the ground or a larger firm that is not realizing its potential, Celestial Solutions can assist in the process.

Celeste Luciano-Seeley

Owner & managing director

Celeste Luciano-Seeley, has over 20 years of experience in three key areas of business:  Administration, Operations, and Accounting.  As the head of Celestial Solutions, she seeks to bring her years of expertise and unique perspective to bear the brunt of any challenge an organization may face.  With a Master of Science in Accounting, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and a tertiary degree in Business Administration, she has taken her education coupled with her exposure to a variety of industries and created a diagnostic tool to allow for the customization of a program that will produce the necessary results for your organization.  This, in hand with her over 15 years of experience as an Accountant/Controller, makes her highly skilled in all areas of corporate accounting and she’s ready to put together a program that’s right for you.

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